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    4 Ways to Right-Size a Server Right Now

    Authored by: Chuck Piercey

    Four Options for Harnessing the Flexibility & Power of Software-Defined Servers

    You may have caught our big news at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 – that TidalScale has teamed up with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to enable the world’s largest servers. It’s a big deal for us, but an even bigger deal for users of Oracle Cloud who have found they need more compute, memory, storage or I/O than any single bare metal server in the Oracle Cloud can provide.

    It’s just the latest in a series of developments that are making it easy for you to right-size your servers on the fly to create Software-Defined Servers of virtually any configuration. Our award-winning inverse hypervisor technology: Unlike traditional virtualization where multiple virtual machines run on a single physical server, TidalScale’s inverse hypervisor provides a single virtual machine across multiple physical servers. In the process, you can combine all the resources of those commodity systems (CPUs, memory, storage and network) into a single pool that you can deploy to solve your largest problems or most challenging workloads. And it all happens without a single modification to either your operating system or your application.

    Achieving this has never been easier. Here are four ways to right-size your server today.

    1. Use resources you already own. One of the biggest advantages of Software-Defined Servers is the enormous flexibility they bring to data centers. This includes getting more use (and value) from existing servers, storage and networks. How? By utilizing the commodity servers and other resources you already own to create servers right-sized to fit any data set or workload. Think about it - you’ve got a data center full of 256GB sweet spot servers that handle most workloads just fine. But, your forays into Big Data analytics are creating data sets that push past what your largest servers can handle. By deploying TidalScale software, you marshal those existing resources into one or more systems that stand up to the toughest challenge you can throw at it. No more sharding data or rewriting code to run across clusters – and no more worrying about finding the budget to buy larger systems. 

    2. Get more from IBM BlueMix. For more than a year, customers of IBM’s BlueMix cloud platform have been able to quickly and easily aggregate multiple systems into one or more Software-Defined Servers. IBM Cloud customers can create right-sized servers ranging from 1TB to 15TB and from a few dozen cores to more than 400. Marc Jones, director & distinguished engineer for the IBM Cloud Platform, noted last year how “Software-Defined Servers make it easy to run memory-intensive applications like data mining, machine learning and simulation.” TidalScale’s inverse hypervisor on IBM Cloud servers, he said, “makes it simple to address large-scale computations and harness the power of the cloud.”

    3. Access IaaS on steroids with OrionVM. Our partnership with OrionVM, an award-winning infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider, gives organizations on-demand access to a suite of TidalScale Software-Defined Server configurations ranging in capacity from 1.3TB to 13TB of DRAM and up to hundreds of cores. They’re all assembled on the fly from OrionVM’s Metal as a Service products—standard physical server hardware running on the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform. You get large instances at a low cost-per-gigabyte of memory.

    4. Take the Oracle Cloud to new heights. This month, Oracle Cloud users can, for the first time, easily combine multiple bare metal servers into a single logical server instance right-sized to handle the most demanding high performance, Big Data and cloud native application workloads. Our recently announced support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, means Oracle Cloud users can configure and deploy Software-Defined Servers with up to hundreds of cores and 30TB or more of memory.

    In all these cases, creating a Software-Defined Server is fast and easy thanks to the  TidalScale WaveRunner™ console, a simple point-and-click control panel that allows users to build and deploy a Software-Defined Server in as little as a minute. With the WaveRunner GUI, virtually anyone—not just data center administrators—can select the servers they want to combine into a right-sized configuration, and then monitor and manage their Software-Defined Servers. When the workload is complete, those same users can reconfigure resources into another Software-Defined Server to tackle the next job.

    No matter what path you take, the outcome is the same: you’ll always have a computer big enough to fit your data set.

    Watch this video to see the TidalScale WaveRunner console in action. 


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