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    A SAPPHIRE standout:  A smarter way to implement big SAP HANA

    Authored by: Gary Smerdon


    Never worry about running out of memory again.

    If you made it to SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando earlier this month, you probably discovered a few new ideas and smarter ways to deal with ever-growing SAP HANA workloads.

    For many attendees, one discovery made a big impact: Software-Defined Servers. This breakthrough in creating on-demand infrastructure provides an easy, budget-friendly answer for SAP HANA environments facing data that’s growing at unpredictable rates.

    What’s a Software-Defined Server? It’s a virtual server of any size composed in minutes from cost-effective, readily available commodity servers and standard Ethernet interconnects. No proprietary hardware or software modifications required. 

    Every few moments in TidalScale’s SAPPHIRE NOW booth, we saw the aha moment that we always see when SAP HANA admins, IT managers and others realize there’s a smarter way to run their largest workloads—and they can do it fully at scale and entirely in memory, and without having to deploy an ounce of new hardware.

    When they realize they no longer have to attempt a guess at their compute and memory needs three, four, even five years from now when procuring their next server.

    When they learn that all this is possible on premise or in the cloud.

    When they understand that picking their SAP HANA strategy just got a lot easier, because their current HANA infrastructure can be made far more flexible and composable than they thought possible, and that all they need is the right software to assemble the large memory systems they need to address their business needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

    When they realize they’ll never have to worry about running out of memory again.

    Creating that kind of on-demand, intelligent infrastructure happens to be the topic of our latest paper featuring research from Gartner. Download your copy of The Next Wave: Implementing Intelligent Infrastructure with Software-Defined Servers today to learn where Gartner believes infrastructures are headed—and how Software-Defined Servers now provide the missing piece that’s necessary to fulfill the vision of intelligent infrastructures.

    Read the paper to learn more. And while you’re at it, discover why CIO Review named TidalScale one of the 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers for 2019.

    Once you see how there’s a smarter way to implement big SAP HANA, we think you’ll have an aha moment of your own.

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