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TidalScale is headquartered in the Silicon Valley in Campbell, CA.  We are a company built around a passion for solving some of the most difficult challenges in computing.  Are you energized by innovation?  Not just putting together the same technologies everyone else is, but truly creating.

TidalScale is a fast-paced environment where you will interact with some of the industry's best and brightest - individuals that have created some of the core technologies that make today's data centers possible.  Take all of that and add-in a healthy daily dose of fun, that is TidalScale.  If this is the kind of company that energizes you and gets your creative juices flowing, we want to hear from you!


Kernel Engineer

TidalScale is growing!  We are a post Series-B startup with investors that represent some of the largest IT hardware and service providers in the world.  We are changing how in-memory workloads are deployed with our innovative Software-Defined Server technology.  TidalScale software enables the resources of multiple physical compute servers to be aggregated and function as one software-defined virtual server.  Cost-effective servers and networking.  No changes to application software.  No changes to the operating system. 

Data is the key to competitive advantage and TidalScale customers can unlock deeper insights from their data faster than ever before.  IT organizations are no longer bounded by the physical limitations of a single server or the complexity and operational overhead of moving to scale-out clusters to handle their big data workloads. Software-Defined Servers can be configured and deployed in minutes - from 10’s of gigabytes to 10’s of terabytes – both on-premises and in the Cloud. 

If you are interested in truly disruptive innovation, enjoy solving hard problems, working with smart people, and having fun, TidalScale is the right place for you!

Job Position

The primary work involves C-language and Assembly programming within a FreeBSD kernel environment for implementation of a distributed hypervisor. Day-to-day activities may include but are not limited to: kernel debugging, virtual machine monitor development, virtual I/O development, implementation of system management tools and APIs, lazy-execution heuristic analysis, and development of near-optimal solutions for parametric algorithms.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with kernel internals and development.
  • Proficiency in complex development using C and Assembly languages.
  • Experience with multi-threaded, re-entrant coding techniques.
  • Familiarity with integrated development and version control environments.

Desired Experience

  • Practical knowledge of one or more hypervisor environments.
  • History of developing and debugging kernels in a virtualized environment.
  • Prior development of nested page tables, I/O virtualization, or related hypervisor technology.

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