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    Most Promising Oracle Solution Provider for 2019. That’s TidalScale.

    Authored by: Gary Smerdon


    If you’re arriving in San Francisco next week for Oracle Open World 2019, you’re probably in search of breakthrough solutions that will help you derive greater use and value from your Oracle implementations. Well, CIO Review magazine has some ideas about where your time is best spent.

    One of CIO Review’s best ideas: Visit Booth #1723 at Moscone Center. That’s the TidalScale booth. And here’s why it’s worth your time.

    In a special Oracle edition out this week, CIO Review spotlights TidalScale as one of the 20 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers for 2019. The article includes a full-page write-up on TidalScale, and the cover story opens by noting that digital transformation is increasingly putting pressure on organizations to, effectively, compete or die. “There has been more pressure on CIOs to develop innovative strategies to stay afloat,” notes the editors.

    Perhaps that sense will be ubiquitous next week at Moscone—that in the face of new challenges, old solutions won’t cut it.

    For users of Oracle solutions and Oracle Database in particular, ever-larger workloads have historically meant purchasing larger, more expensive, proprietary servers. This puts pressure (there’s that word again) on decision-makers to predict their needs years from now. What’s more, over-provisioning in this way causes enterprises to overpay on software licenses, which are generally based on core counts. So even if they won’t need to use all the resources in their shiny new server for years to come, they’re paying the full cost of ownership from day one.

    With TidalScale software, organizations running Oracle Database (along with SAP HANA, and in-memory data analytics) workloads can compose virtual servers of any size, entirely on demand. You can use standard, commodity servers and connect them with Ethernet. You can run standard, unmodified software. And you can do it on premises or in the Public Cloud—including and especially Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. By running virtually any workload entirely in memory, you’ll achieve results sooner and can iterate more often. And by utilizing commodity resources you already own, you’ll drive down the cost of owning all those assets.

    See TidalScale in Booth #1723 at Oracle Open World

    If you’re in San Francisco, stop by our booth to see TidalScale how Software-Defined Servers let you create a server perfectly sized to fit any Oracle Database workload, in just minutes. And when your workload changes, you can reconfigure your virtual server just as quickly.

    You’ll see for yourself why a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and CIO Review editors chose TidalScale over hundreds of other possible Oracle solution providers.

    Not going to Oracle Open World? Contact us for a customized demo of TidalScale software.