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    Software-Defined Servers come to SAP’s Sybase IQ

    Authored by: Gary Smerdon


    It’s an old adage: You’re only as good as the company you keep. And lately, we’ve been keeping some great company.

    Our newly announced partnership with Dobler Consulting is a powerful example. Dobler, a Gold Certified SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase Database Provider, has added TidalScale Software-Defined Servers to its array of offerings for SAP, Oracle and Sybase IQ customers.

    While we’re excited about all of these use cases, the addition of Sybase IQ (now known as SAP IQ) is particularly intriguing. SAP’s Sybase IQ platform was built to help enterprises affordably tackle Big Data workloads. Bringing TidalScale’s Software-Defined Servers into that environment adds new levels of optimization, and new opportunities to rapidly deploy scalable next-generation data centers—both on-premise and in the public cloud.

    Peter Dobler, founder and CEO of Dobler Consulting, has a unique perspective on TidalScale’s ability to add value to environments running Sybase IQ: “Sybase IQ is already designed to help organizations analyze large quantities of data in a low-cost, highly available environment,” he notes. “When you add TidalScale’s intelligent scaling to the mix, you see dramatic improvements in performance optimization and cost efficiencies. This is exactly what enterprises are looking for—a way to make new or existing database implementations more flexible and on-demand, while driving down TCO. Those are real business benefits that resonate with database administrators to CIOs and CEOs.”

    A growing global ecosystem for intelligent scaling

    Dobler Consulting is a strategic addition to our rapidly growing global ecosystem of resellers and solution partners—a community that includes global IT services giant Infosys and leading U.S.-based solutions integrator Sirius Computer Solutions. These companies are working hand-in-hand with us to help articulate the value proposition of intelligent server scaling and to accelerate deployments of TidalScale Software-Defined Servers as the fast, easy, and powerful answer to the persistent challenges of ever-larger and ever-more-unpredictable workloads.

    With Dobler Consulting and the rest of our partners, we’ll continue to keep good company. And I urge you to look for news of additional partnerships as together we work to make TidalScale the gold standard for intelligent server scaling in modern data centers.

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