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    TidalScale Demonstrates How Software-Defined Servers Extend Vision for Scalability

    Posted by Chuck Piercey on Feb 28, 2017 4:00:00 AM

    Demo at Open Compute Summit to Show How Software-Defined Servers Create Huge Compute Systems in Minutes Using Industry-Standard Servers

    CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 28, 2017 — TidalScale, the leader in Software-Defined Servers, announced it will demonstrate next week how organizations can deploy Software-Defined Servers to dynamically join multiple industry-standard servers into a single aggregate computer capable of handling the largest Big Data challenges -- and all without a single change to existing hardware or software. 

    At the 2017 Open Compute Summit March 8-9, TidalScale will demo the piece that has been missing from modern data centers: a software solution for scaling open hardware beyond the limits of a single physical system.

    TidalScale’s breakthrough scaling platform delivers on a key element of the founding ethos of the Open Computing Project -- to make data centers more efficient, flexible and scalable. By allowing multiple industry-standard servers to be combined into one virtual server running under a single instance of an operating system, TidalScale enables organizations struggling to work with Big Data to size their computer to fit their problem -- not the other way around.

    The TidalScale HyperKernel provides the ability to scale-up beyond the limits of a single physical server by enabling organizations to stand up Software-Defined Servers on demand. This is accomplished by virtualizing the CPU, memory and I/O resources so they can be mobilized across the servers, making those combined resources available to applications as either a single system or several, depending on the demands of the workload.

    TidalScale's HyperKernel uses machine learning to optimally migrate working sets of memory and CPU resources to the same physical machine to reduce interconnect traffic and latency. This mobilization provides the missing component needed to move, scale and share CPUs, memory, storage and I/O across physical servers. TidalScale solutions work with virtually any operating system or application.

    "This is an exciting moment in data center designs as both hardware and software innovations continue their march toward the OCP vision for the most efficient designs for scalable computing," said Gary Smerdon, CEO of TidalScale. "Software-Defined Servers represent a major step forward in realizing that vision by transforming industry-standard servers into one or more systems capable of tackling the biggest Big Data challenges. We're proud to bring this capability to OCP's community of innovators." 

    At the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., TidalScale will demonstrate a Software-Defined Server provisioned on disaggregated hardware, proving how applications can be deployed without a single code change -- and without even being aware that they are running across multiple servers. TidalScale will show how a data center administrator, data scientist or other user can easily stand up a Software-Defined Server and, as workload needs change, reconfigure it dynamically in only a few minutes.

    To find out more about TidalScale and OCP, visit TidalScale at OCP Booth B23 on March 8-9 in Santa Clara, Calif.

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