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    TidalScale-IBM Cloud Press Release

    TidalScale breaks new ground with 15TB Software-Defined Server™ running on the IBM Cloud

    Software-Defined Servers flexibly scale to deliver the performance for big data, analytics and other memory-intensive applications

    CAMPBELL, Calif., June 22, 2016  -- TidalScale announced today that it has configured and run Software-Defined Servers™ ranging in capacity from 1TB to 15TB of DRAM and up to 400 cores assembled from standard physical server hardware running on the IBM Cloud. TidalScale's HyperKernel™ software allows users to easily aggregate processors, memory, storage, ¬and networks into virtual servers. These Software-Defined Servers can flexibly scale to match the requirements of essentially any application.

    Working closely with IBM, TidalScale deployed single Linux instances ranging in size from 1TB to 15TB of DRAM and up to 400 cores in IBM’s Cloud Data Center in San Jose. These systems booted an unmodified CentOS 7.2 operating system instance running on TidalScale’s HyperKernel across 1 to as many as 20 physical servers. The patented HyperKernel software, a distributed hypervisor, uses machine learning to transparently and optimally co-locate compute and data resources for best performance of the unmodified applications.

    "We were able to create a single 15TB server from a collection of standard servers", said Marc Jones, Director & Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud Platform. "The speed of this deployment shows how Software Defined Servers make it easy to run memory-intensive applications like data mining, machine learning and simulation. The TidalScale HyperKernel on IBM Cloud servers makes it simple to address large-scale computations and harness the power of the cloud."

    "Demonstrating the simplicity of running TidalScale on a leading public cloud platform is another important step for the company establishing the value of its hyper-kernel based “Software-Defined Server” said Peter Christy, Research Director, 451 Research. “This builds on their earlier demonstration of very significant performance improvements on important applications compared to Fast SSD architectures.”

    "Software-Defined Servers enable customers to flexibly configure large virtual systems, essentially creating the servers of tomorrow, today", said Gary Smerdon, CEO, TidalScale. "TidalScale’s ability to pool physical servers into a single virtual server is unique in the industry and provides breakthrough performance while requiring zero modifications to applications.”

    About TidalScale, Inc.:
    TidalScale lets users deploy high performance software defined servers flexibly and easily. The TidalScale HyperKernel™ sits between an operating system and bare metal hardware and allows customers to pool multiple commodity servers into a large Software-Defined Server™ that matches the size of their data problems without changes to operating systems or applications.

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    Chuck Piercey, Product Management, TidalScale, Inc. +1-650-492-6108

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