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    TidalScale Japan Extends Asia-Pacific Presence of Software-Defined Server Pioneer

    Next Generation Scaling Technology Will Help Japanese Businesses and Institutions Size Servers to Fit Ever-Growing Problem Sizes  

    Tokyo – May 24, 2018 - TidalScale, the company at the heart of the Software-Defined Server revolution, today extended its global presence with the opening of TidalScale Japan.

    Gary Smerdon, President & CEO of TidalScale

    “The past year has been a true breakthrough for TidalScale, with tremendous growth and momentum, significant industry recognition and awards, strategic alliances with industry leaders, and an international expansion to South Korea. Today, we’re announcing another major milestone: an expanded presence in Asia with the opening of TidalScale Japan. We look forward to working with organizations in this renowned culture of innovation to achieve results faster and drive down costs by using existing servers to address workloads and data sets at virtually any scale.” 

    News Summary:

    • Based in Tokyo, TidalScale Japan will drive sales, channel development, awareness, and customer support in the fast-growing Japanese technology market.
    • Leading TidalScale Japan is Yosuke Ishii, a 20-year veteran of IT systems management included in Business Intelligence, Microsoft Platform Management and Migration, Oracle replication, Backup and Recovery, Performance Monitoring, etc.
    • TidalScale makes it easy for users to combine multiple commodity servers into one or more servers of virtually any configuration. This extends the useful life and value of existing data center resources, while giving users on-demand access to systems many times larger than the servers available to them today—all without a single change to operating systems or applications.
    • TidalScale enables organizations to achieve results faster by allowing users to run their most demanding applications on Software-Defined Servers with up to tens of terabytes of memory and dozens, even hundreds of cores. This also eliminates the need to rewrite code or shard data sets across clusters. With TidalScale, users can configure and boot new systems in less than five minutes, both on premises or in the cloud.
    • TidalScale also drives down costs by utilizing existing IT assets in a flexible, software-defined environment. Software-Defined Servers offer a “pay as you grow” model so organizations don’t have to overprovision in anticipation of future needs.
    • TidalScale’s acclaimed inverse hypervisor technology enables Software-Defined Servers to combine all the resources of multiple commodity systems – including cores, memory, storage and network – into a single system image. These aggregated resources are available to users and applications as a cohesive whole to handle memory- and compute-intensive workloads.
    • TidalScale’s WaveRunner point-and-click control panel makes it easy to configure a right-sized server with just a few clicks and in a matter of minutes.

    Additional quotes:

    “The solution provided by TidalScale, combines the merits of scale-up and scale-out, and it is a strong feature in particular to eliminate the complexity of building and operating a scale-out solution. We believe that it will be a powerful solution even in the large amount of big data processing collected from Web services and IoT infrastructure which will increase in the future as well as the conventional HPC field.

    As a technical partner of TidalScale Japan in Japan, VirtualTech Japan is committed to delivering TidalScale's solution to many customers.”

    Toru Miyahara, CEO of VirtualTech Japan Inc.

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    [i] Gartner, “Market Trends: Software-Defined Infrastructure — Who Can Benefit?” Scot MacLellan, John P Morency 14 June 2017

    [ii] IDC Innovators: Virtualizing Infrastructure with Software-Defined Compute, 2017

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