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    TidalScale Japan Extends Reach of Software-Defined Servers via Dealer Agreement with Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    DTC becomes TidalScale Japan’s first Japanese distributor as companies work together to help Japanese businesses and research institutes sharpen their competitive edge

    TOKYO – Oct. 4, 2018 – TidalScale, the pioneer at the heart of the Software-Defined Server revolution, today announced that TidalScale Japan will extend its reach into the Japanese IT marketplace via a new dealership agreement with Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (DTC). DTC will sell TidalScale software on Dell EMC servers, in addition to providing service and support. 

    Yosuke Ishii, Country Manager, TidalScale Japan

    “TidalScale helps organizations of all kinds sharpen their competitive advantage by making in-memory computing accessible with data sets that exceed the capabilities of even the largest traditional servers–and we do it with linear cost. We are pleased to partner with DTC and Dell EMC as we deliver to customers in Japan TidalScale’s breakthrough Software-Defined Server technology, which transforms previously inflexible servers into fluid, on-demand assets in the modern data center.”

    News Summary:

    • TidalScale Japan LLC has signed a dealer agreement with Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (DTC)
    • DTC is the first Japanese distributor for TidalScale, and will provide customers in Japan with sales, service, maintenance and support of TidalScale software on Dell EMC servers.
    • The companies will work together to help businesses, research institutes and cloud services providers improve their competitiveness by achieving results sooner, driving down operating costs, and improving the return on their infrastructure investments.
    • DTC, recognized throughout Japan for its design and implementation of numerous virtualization, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments, has set a first-year sales target of 100 million yen (Approx. US $892,000).

    Delivering on the promise of the Software-Defined Data Center

    Server virtualization has become a common way for companies to reduce costs and simplify IT management and data center operations. Yet traditional virtualization does not address the growing problem of ever-larger data sets and more complicated workloads. With IoT data growing at 50 times the pace of traditional business data, the IT solutions designed to solve yesterday’s problems will not solve tomorrow’s challenges.

    These trends mean that organizations increasingly face workloads that overwhelm even their largest servers. To address this, customers are installing excess capacity based on the projected future requirements – thus possibly overpaying for years to come. The fast, flexible, easy and cost-effective solution to this problem is TidalScale’s Software-Defined Server technology. With TidalScale, customers can create a Software-Defined Server from standard commodity physical servers in minutes. And once it’s up and running, TidalScale’s real-time machine learning layer continuously optimizes system performance. The result is flexible, self-optimizing software-defined compute infrastructure right-sized for today and easily reconfigured as an organization’s needs evolve. TidalScale also makes it easy for customers to “pay as you grow” by simply adding more commodity servers as their needs escalate—a cost-effective alternative to over-provisioning. Organizations that rely on in-memory databases like Oracle Database, SAP HANA, simulations, and analytics workloads like Open Source R are discovering that TidalScale Software-Defined Servers redefine the landscape of cost-effective solution options.

    Hiroyuki Ichihashi, Representative Director, DTC

    “For more than 30 years we have been involved with customers, such as research institutions and corporate development departments, who accumulated large amounts of data, and who need high-precision analysis. A single piece of hardware simply cannot keep up with the processing demands of today’s applications. TidalScale’s Software-Defined Server technology makes it possible to provide an application execution space that extends beyond traditional hardware constraints, offering a dramatically powerful new way to meet the challenges of data center/cloud business infrastructure, high-end research, corporate development departments, marketing departments and others. In addition, this solution provides a simple-to-use environment that makes it easy to respond to fluctuating workloads. With TidalScale, we believe we can provide customers with an efficient, flexible environment for handling any workload." 

    Tomoyuki Hirate, President, Dell EMC (Dell Inc.)

    “We are very pleased to welcome the announcement of Digital Technology Co., as it combines next-generation scaling technology from TidalScale’s Software-Defined Servers with DTC’s extensive experience in designing and implementing virtual environments. TidalScale software is a perfect fit for Dell’s EMC PowerEdge server, the world’s No. 1 x86 server.* This solution will give our customers more options for virtualization and more flexibility in making infrastructure investments. We look forward to promoting this solution and our partnership with Digital Technology Corporation as we strengthen our cooperation in the future.”

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    [i] IDC Innovators: Virtualizing Infrastructure with Software-Defined Compute, 2017

    * Source: IDC Quarterly Server Tracker, 2018Q2 


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