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    5 tips to achieve OOW bliss

    Authored by: Gary Smerdon



    Planning out your every move at Oracle Open World 2019 may seem like something only super-organized nerds do, but it really is necessary to make the most of the 2,300 unique sessions, 250 exhibitors, and 200+ demos that OOW will be serving up this year at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

    Look at this this way: You’re investing a lot (in time and money) to attend this event. And maximizing your return from that investment means fully recognizing that OOW is a chance to hone your insight, connect with other leaders in your space, and discover meaningful and potentially game changing opportunities.

    So to help you out, we’ve put together five proven pre-OOW musts that will put you in an ROI mindset before you even pack your bags for the city by the bay.

    1. Define specific goals

    OOW offers the equivalent of an entire year’s worth of continued education packed into a few days. And since attending isn’t free--and with a knowledge smorgasboard that large--it makes sense to create an action plan that gets you the most bang for your buck.

    Start by identifying what you’re trying to accomplish:

    • Looking to solve Oracle Database bottlenecks?
    • Needing to assess cloud vs on-prem options?
    • Trying to reduce your software spend?

    You’ll maximize your OOW ROI by determining ahead of time what you want to leave with. Use this opportunity to meet those objectives, and go home with real answers.

    2. Plan your agenda (just don’t be a hero)

    Along with essentials like wearing comfortable shoes, bringing an extra layer, and not forgetting those precious chargers, be sure to sketch out an agenda that aligns with your goals.

    Ask yourself:

    • What sessions or keynotes will I be disappointed to miss?
    • Is there anything I’ve been asked to recap that could be enhanced by a particular speaker?
    • What have I always been interested in adding my skill set?

    Find the sessions that fulfill these objectives and make sure they’re on your schedule. But be sure to leave room for unexpected discoveries. And every morning, check out the Moscone map to locate your must-see sessions so you’re not wandering the convention hall with 60,000 others trying to find your way in real time.

    3. Partner smart

    Implementing solutions or pivoting to new approaches that streamline productivity and enhance capability can be daunting, time consuming, and put a strain on in-house resources. But it’s necessary to stay digitally agile and competitive. When you find yourself facing that challenge, it’s a good time to ask, “Is there someone who can help?”

    Here’s your chance to discover the ideal partners to help you enhance and optimize your Oracle environment. One example: Consulting giant Infosys (Booth #1101) has made a name for itself among Oracle shops for applying a metrics-driven approach to its Oracle practice. It’s all about ROI (yours, not theirs), no matter if your goal is greater scalability, meeting SLAs, or just measuring the business value of your Oracle spend.

    Remember: The worst-case scenario isn’t exposing internal gaps in expertise or capability. It’s falling behind because you were too afraid to partner with someone who can do it better.

    4. Seek out ways to save

    New solutions emerge all the time, and you’ll see a great many at OOW. But do they belong in your ecosystem? Can they live in your stack without disrupting other applications or adding to your admin headaches? While you’re weighing the idea of building out and adding on, it’s just as important to keep an eye out for ways you can pocket savings.

    One pioneering start-up might offer a solution that’s only disruptive in the best way. TidalScale software lets you make more strategic use of commodity systems you’re already using (on premises or in the cloud) to lower your TCO and optimize your existing environment. In a nutshell, TidalScale (Booth #1723, directly across from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lounge) allows you to get the same performance from Oracle Database using far fewer cores by scaling your system as your needs grow. You pay as you grow and as your workloads intensify, so you’re not overprovisioning (and overpaying) by buying a single system large enough to handle the next four years’ worth of work.

    There are some creative ways out there to free up budget for other solutions to add to your environment. Keep an eye out for these as you make your way through Moscone, and go home with a few options in your back pocket.

    5. Look for islands of hospitality

    After a long day at Oracle Open World, you’re gonna need a break. With luck, you’ll hit the jackpot and score a cup of actual decent coffee or a delicious microbrew--all on someone else’s dime.

    There are likely a few spots to enjoy these amenities, but here’s a sure thing: Swing by TidalScale’s booth (Booth #1723) in the morning for a complimentary cup of joe to power up for a day full of sessions and networking. And later in the day, drop by for a cold one (or, okay, two) before heading out for the evening. It’s a great way to unwind right there on the show floor. And you just might see something that could change your idea of what it means to scale.

    We hope these tips help you make the most of your Oracle Open World experience. No matter what you do, have fun, stay safe, and go home with some good stuff and great solutions.

    See you in San Francisco!

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