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TidalScale has built and operates very large (1.5TB - 3.0TB RAM) TidalPods for customers to test and evaluate running their applications on a single, virtualized very large system. We call these systems PoC systems (i.e. Proof Of Concept). We are making these systems available to you for a limited time, at no charge, to test your application(s) in a large scale environment. The basic testing program:

  1. TidalScale provides you with a login to an assigned Guest Operating System (CentOS 6.x) with 1.5TB - 3.0TB of RAM and appropriate local HDD and SSD based storage.
  2. You’ll have administrative access to your assigned system so that you can install the various applications and packages yourself and copy your data onto your assigned test system.
  3. You can then run your tests or benchmarks, and collect data and results from the tests.

Since we want to give you full, dedicated access to a PoC system, and these systems are in demand by many customers, your time on the system will have a scheduled end date. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and allow adequate time to perform some test iterations and experimentation.

Prior to your test period, TidalScale will provide you with access to a NAS ("Network Attached Storage") device adjacent to your assigned PoC system where you can stage your test data, application packages and installers ahead of time.

At the start of your test period, TidalScale will supply you with instructions to access your assigned PoC system. Access to your assigned PoC system, as well as your storage data on the NAS, will be restricted by IP address and by SSH public key authentication. At the end of your test period, your data and applications will be deleted from the PoC system, barring other arrangements made with TidalScale.

If you want to give TidalScale a Test Drive, email

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