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    4 Compelling DevOps Advantages of Software-Defined Servers

    Authored by: Chuck Piercey

    Forrester recently called cloud computing "the most exciting and disruptive force in the tech market in the last decade." We would agree.

    That's why we're exhibiting and presenting at CloudExpo, which runs through Nov. 2 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

    Visit us in Booth #309

    Come see us in Booth #309 (just behind the huge IBM booth in the entry of the exhibit area) to see how you can right-size your cloud server resources to fit any data set or workload. 

    Software-Defined Servers are growing popular with large manufacturers, financial services firms and other innovators because of four key benefits to DevOps:

    1. The ability to combine multiple commodity servers on the fly to create right-sized Software-Defined Servers capable of handling any user's needs. With TidalScale, you can configure a single virtual system from ordinary sweet spot cloud servers using a standard 10GbE switch.  
    2. The flexibility to change system size on a moment's notice. Does the problem require more memory or more cores? Just add a node. Fewer? Just remove a node or two. Do this entirely on the fly, and without a single change to your application or operating system.
    3. A clean REST API that lets data center automation infratsructure create, modify and disassemble Software-Defined Servers on demand, enabling you to respond instantly changing user requirements.
    4. The ability to increase hardware utilization in your cloud by an order of magnitude. For instance, at TidalScale, we use Jenkins to run all testing. The combination of Jenkins, Docker and TidalScale has increased our testing throughput by 21x.

    Hear our experts speak

    TidalScale executives are presenting two papers at the Cloud Expo DevOps conference. The two sessions will provide CloudExpo DevOps attendees with useful insights into right-sizing their cloud resources:

    1. Time: Tuesday, 1:30PM
      TidalScale Speakers: Michael Berman / Ivo Jimenez
      Track: Enterprise Cloud Adoption & Digital Transformation
      Paper Title: Test Automation with Software-Defined Servers (white paper)
      Audience Level: General
    2. Time Slot: Wednesday, 4:40PM
      TidalScale Speakers: Jamon Bowen
      Track: Enterprise Cloud Adoption & Digital Transformation
      Paper Title: Using Containers to Deliver Efficient Private Cloud (white paper)
      Audience Level: General

    We look forward to seeing you at Cloud Expo this week. Meanwhile, learn more about how TidalScale Software-Defined Servers can help you get much more from your cloud

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