The Ripple Effect

How Creating Visual Effects is Like DevOps (and Where Software-Defined Servers Can Help)

in-memory, software-defined server, devops, VFX, render farm

Before TidalScale, I spent years working with animation software to create visual effects for major motion pictures. As part of that process, I learned something that DevOps and IT administrators have since realized: delivering on difficult schedules often means making maximum and efficient use of hardware resources, and servers in particular.

But DevOps? Read on to see what I mean.

Animation and visual effects (VFX) are enormously resource- and time-intensive. It takes a long time to render, or create, the various elements that come together in an animation or VFX. Rendering projects grind away on render farm servers over hours, so animators use render farm scheduling software to keep the farm running at maximum use if there is enough job pressure to fill the farm. Given enough job pressure (jobs in the backlog to run), anything below 85% would be considered wasteful of compute resources, and above 93% would be good enough. 

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