The Ripple Effect

TidalScale Open APIs Improve Data Center Utilization by Orders of Magnitude

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How the WaveRunner API Enables Tomorrow’s SDDC Innovation, Today

Guest blog post by Chris Busse, CTO at APIvista

In my consulting work, I encourage enterprises of many sizes to use standardized APIs across their business areas. This means I’m often called upon to explain what an application programming interface is to non-technical stakeholders. 

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How to Harness the Disruptive Benefits of Containers

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Some developments challenge our accepted notions of what things are and how they’re created.  Uber and Airbnb, for instance, caused us to rethink what transportation and lodging mean in the new sharing economy.  Then there’s Amazon, one of the granddaddies of disruptors.

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How WaveRunner Puts You in Control of a Better SDDC

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TidalScale’s WaveRunner – the point-and-click control panel that makes creating a right-sized Software-Defined Server fast, flexible and easy – isn’t just about creating one or more virtual servers from multiple commodity systems. It also puts you in control of all the software-defined pieces in the data center. So in addition to cores and memory, WaveRunner allows you to monitor and manage storage and networks. You simply pick the software-defined resources you need and plug them together.

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Learn About Right-Sizing in 5 Easy Steps

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I’ll be the first to acknowledge that there’s a lot to the TidalScale story. Our Software-Defined Servers enable organizations to right-size servers on the fly to fit any data set. The process of creating one is fast, flexible and easy. With TidalScale, you can:

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5 Ways Data Centers are Grossly Inefficient

IDC, data center, software-defined data center, composable infrastructure

Earlier this year, IDC surveyed 301 IT users from medium-sized and large enterprises, asking them questions that allowed the research firm to determine the relative efficiency of those data centers. (For reference, the average data center contained 386 blades and servers, while the largest third of those surveyed averaged 711 blades and servers.)

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Part 2: Composable Infrastructure for the Modern Data Center

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The Role of Software-Defined Resources

Last week, I explored some of the key issues and core benefits that are prompting enterprises to move to more flexible and cost-effective composable infrastructures.  As I pointed out in Part 1 of this blog, composable infrastructure technologies from vendors like TidalScale are designed to address many of the most pressing issues in today’s data centers, 

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Part 1: Composable Infrastructure for the Modern Data Center

software-defined server, Cloud Computing, software-defined data center, composable infrastructure

Part 1: The Need for Composable Infrastructure

New approaches to infrastructure design are required for businesses to keep up with the amount of data that is generated, and whose timely analysis is of paramount importance for the business to remain competitive in the digital economy. Newer approaches to infrastructure must focus on efficiency to

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Why More Data Centers Will Be Software Defined

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A new report projects that the global Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) market will grow at a 22 percent compound annual growth rate through 2021. The authors, an India-based outfit called Wise Guy Consultants, estimate that the total market size for SDDC goods and services will reach $81.4 billion in the same period.

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